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Houston Industries We Keep Iced Up: Arrow Ice Solutions

Reliable ice machines and expert service for a wide range of businesses.

Whether you’re keeping drinks perfectly chilled in a bustling bar or ensuring critical medical samples stay preserved, Arrow Ice understands the diverse ice needs of Houston’s industries. We offer the right ice solutions, expert maintenance, and fast repair services to support businesses of all sizes.

Arrow Ice ensures Houston businesses always have the right ice, through superior equipment, flexible sales and leasing options, and outstanding preventative maintenance and repair services.

Key Industries Served

We’re committed to providing responsive support and building long-term relationships with our customers.  Our technicians are continuously trained in the latest ice machine technology and best repair practices.

  • Restaurants & Bars: From high-volume ice production to specialty nugget ice for cocktails, we’ve got your beverage needs covered.
  • Hotels & Hospitality: Keep guests refreshed with reliable ice machines that meet the demands of your establishment.
  • Healthcare: Ensure the safe handling of specimens, medications, and more with our dependable ice solutions.
  • Convenience Stores: Stay stocked with ice for bagged sales and fountain drinks, maximizing your profits.
  • Grocery Stores & Markets: Keep produce and seafood fresh with high-quality flake ice displays.
  • Educational Institutions: Provide ice for cafeterias, sporting events, and science labs.

Not Sure If We Serve Your Industry? Tell Us About Your Business

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Why Businesses Across Industries Choose Arrow Ice
  • Wide Range of Ice Machines: Find the perfect fit for your needs – cubers, flakers, nugget machines, and more.
  • Leading Brands: We partner with trusted manufacturers like Hoshizaki, Scotsman, and Manitowoc.
  • Customized Solutions: We work with you to determine the right machine size, ice type, and purchase or leasing options.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Keep your machine running like new and avoid costly breakdowns.
  • 24/7 Emergency Repair: We’ve got your back, even outside of business hours.

Commercial Ice Machine Brands

We partner with the industry’s leading ice machine manufacturers, ensuring our clients get the best performance and value.