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ICETRO Ice Machines

ICETO: Your ice, perfected.

Crystal-clear ice is essential for elevating beverages, chilling seafood displays, and ensuring optimal drink experiences. ICETO ice machines deliver exceptional quality, unmatched reliability, and the perfect ice for every occasion.  ICETO ice machines are designed for effortless operation and maximum efficiency. Intuitive controls, easy maintenance, and energy-saving features streamline your ice production.

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Arrow Ice + ICETRO Ice Machines

When it comes to ice machines and products for your business and organization, Arrow Ice is your trusted and experienced friend in the business.  For over 25 years, we have installed, repaired and maintained hundreds of ice makers and dispensers.  ICETRO ice machines are one the reliable manufacturers that we sell and lease.  Their reputation in the ice maker industry is one of longevity and reliability.  We are proud to be one of their authorized distributors.

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ICETRO Undercounter Full Cube Ice Machine

ICETRO Ice Machines are available for sale or lease

Flexibility is an important part of any business, especially the ice machine business.  That is why Arrow Ice offers flexible leasing plans for all of its line of ice machines.  Of course, you can also purchase any of our new and used ice machines along with professional installation.  To protect your investment, we offer maintenance plans to keep your ice machine running smoothly.

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Types of ICETRO Ice Machines

Icetro Modular Full Ice Cube Ice Machine

Ice Cube Ice Makers

ICETO Full Ice Cube machines deliver the quintessential ice experience. These workhorses produce crystal-clear, full-sized cubes that melt slowly, ensuring your favorite beverages remain perfectly chilled without dilution. Their robust construction and reliable operation make them ideal for high-volume settings like bars, restaurants, and hotels. If pristine presentation and long-lasting ice are your priorities, ICETO Full Ice Cube machines are the superior choice.

Icetro Nugget Ice and Water Dispenser

Ice Dispensers

Upgrade your hydration and refreshment with ICETRO Nugget Ice and Water Dispensers. Enjoy the satisfying crunch of soft, chewable nugget ice and perfectly chilled water, available at the touch of a button. Compact designs and sleek finishes make these dispensers a stylish and functional addition to any kitchen, breakroom, or bar.

Icetro Ice Storage Bin

Ice Storage

ICETRO ice storage bins provide ample capacity and rugged construction for demanding environments. Their high-density insulation ensures your ice stays frozen for longer periods, while the heavy-duty stainless steel build resists wear and tear. Designed for efficiency and reliability, these bins are the perfect complement to your ICETRO ice machine.