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Koolaire Ice Machines: Superior Ice Solutions

Innovative Technology, Unmatched Quality

Koolaire ice machines are where innovation meets exceptional ice. Our cutting-edge technology ensures crystal-clear, perfectly formed ice in a wide array of shapes and sizes. From standard cubes to gourmet ice for cocktails, Koolaire delivers the ideal ice solution for every need.  Koolaire ice machines offer effortless operation and energy-saving efficiency. Intuitive controls, easy-to-clean designs, and smart technology streamline your ice production. Enjoy consistent, high-quality ice with minimal hassle.

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Line-up of Koolaire products
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Arrow Ice + Koolaire Ice Machines

Koolaire is a subsidiary of Manitowoc and manufactures some of the most reliable ice machines in the industry.  As an authorized distributor for Koolaire, Arrow Ice provides sales, installation, leasing, maintenance and repairs for all models of Koolaire ice machine products.  Come see why the Arrow Ice and Koolaire is your best combination for your business when it comes to supplying a dependable source of ice.

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koolaire undecounter ice machine

Buying or Leasing, Arrow Ice offers great options for Koolaire Ice Machines

Whether you budget is best served by purchasing or leasing a Koolaire ice machine, Arrow Ice will ensure that you get the best deal to fit your business.  Schedule your complimentary consultation and free quote today.  Let our 25 years of experience in the commercial ice machine industry help you find the best program to serve your unique business needs.

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Types of Koolaire Ice Machines

koolaire ice machine KT-3000

Ice Kubers

Koolaire ice kubers redefine the classic ice cube. Their crystal-clear design and perfectly formed shape elevate any drink. Engineered for quality, these ice machines produce consistent, long-lasting cubes that add sophistication without diluting your beverage.

Koolaire Undercounter Ice Machine KF-0150 - Ice Machine Leasing

Undercounter Ice Machines

Maximize your space and enjoy perfectly chilled drinks with Koolaire’s undercounter ice machines. These compact units are designed to fit seamlessly under standard counters, making them ideal for bars, kitchens, or anywhere space is at a premium. Koolaire offers a range of undercounter models producing various ice types, including classic cubes and chewable nuggets. With reliable performance, easy maintenance, and exceptional ice quality, Koolaire undercounter ice machines deliver convenience and premium ice in a compact package.

Koolaire Ice Storage Bin K400_Bin

Ice Storage Bins

Koolaire ice storage bins provide the perfect solution for keeping your ice fresh and readily accessible. Their ample storage capacity and rugged construction ensure your ice stays frozen for longer periods, even in demanding environments. Designed for reliability and efficiency, Koolaire bins are the ideal way to complement your ice production.