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Commercial Ice Machines for Sale

Purchasing your ice machine with Arrow Ice ensures that you have a partner that will provide expert advice and service excellence with professional installation.

When your business needs a reliable source of ice, Arrow Ice is the trusted choice for sales and installation of both new and used commercial ice machines. Our expertise ensures you find the perfect solution to meet your specific ice production needs. Whether you’re outfitting a bar, restaurant, healthcare facility, or any other commercial space, we offer top-of-the-line machines, exceptional customer service, and unbeatable installation to keep your business running cool and efficiently.

Factory-authorized Brands

Ready to experience the Arrow Ice difference? Contact us today and let our experts help you find the perfect ice machine for your Houston business.

Matching Commercial Ice Machines with Businesses for over 25 years!

Choosing the right commercial ice machine is essential for any business that relies on a steady supply of ice. Here’s a breakdown of the key factors to consider:

  • Ice Type: Do you need soft nugget ice for healthcare settings, classic cube ice for beverages, or specialized shapes? Determine the best ice type for your needs.
  • Production Capacity: Estimate your daily ice usage based on customer volume. Choose a machine with a production capacity that exceeds your average need to avoid running out during peak hours.
  • Space and Installation: Consider where the machine will be placed and the size constraints. Do you need a compact undercounter model or a large modular system?
  • Condenser Type: Air-cooled condensers are common, but water-cooled or remote condensers might be necessary in hot environments or spaces with limited airflow.
  • Budget: Set a realistic budget, balancing the initial cost of the machine with long-term operating costs and energy efficiency.

How Arrow Ice Can Help

Arrow Ice in Houston isn’t just a seller of commercial ice machines; they are experts ready to guide you through the selection process:

  • Consultation: Their team will assess your business’s specific requirements, taking into account your ice usage patterns, space limitations, and budget.
  • Wide Selection: Arrow Ice offers a diverse range of new and used ice machines from top brands, ensuring you find the perfect fit.
  • Expert Recommendations: Their knowledge of ice machine specifications, features, and reliability will help you make an informed decision.
  • Installation: Arrow Ice provides professional installation services, guaranteeing your ice machine is set up correctly for optimal performance and longevity.
  • Maintenance and Support Arrow Ice can offer ongoing maintenance and support to keep your ice machine running smoothly, minimizing downtime.

Commercial Ice Machines Sales Process

Att Arrow Ice, we know that businesses have many things to worry about on a daily basis.  We want to make choosing the right commercial ice machine easy as possible as well as give you reliable, efficient ice production.  Our sales process is very simple:

Evaluate Your Needs

  • Contact Arrow Ice and discuss your business’s specific needs such as ice type, average daily usage, and any space constraints.
  • Arrow Ice’s team will ask relevant questions to assess your requirements and start narrowing down the best options.

Tailored Recommendations

  • Based on your consultation, Arrow Ice will present a selection of new and/or used commercial ice machines from leading brands that align with your needs.
  • They’ll provide detailed explanations of each machine’s features, production capacity, and any special considerations.

Price Quotes and Guidance

  • Receive transparent pricing on the recommended machines, including any potential installation costs.
  • Arrow Ice will guide you on the long-term value of each option, considering energy efficiency, warranty terms, and maintenance requirements.

Purchase and Installation

  • Once you’ve selected the ideal machine, Arrow Ice will finalize the purchase and coordinate a convenient installation date.
  • Their skilled technicians will ensure proper installation for optimal performance and longevity of your investment.

Ongoing Support

  • Arrow Ice can discuss available maintenance plans to keep your ice machine running smoothly.
  • They remain your trusted resource for any future questions, troubleshooting, or additional ice equipment needs.

How Much Ice Do You Need?

With over 25 years of experience providing businesses and organization with quality ice machines, we know a little about how much ice you may need.  Now this is just a ballpark number and may vary.

These are just average ice consumption rates.  Contact us for a more detailed and complimentary assessment of your ice needs.

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